Stretching, repetition: two modalities of musical time manipulation. It is this perception that Benjamin Jarry questions with the installation/performance OUT OF SIGHT, for cello and stroboscopic devices, developed as a result of a collaboration with the visual artist Carole Douillard (HORS, 2015).
This 30-minutes piece is based on a continuous staccato: the bow’s frictions, each time slightly different, create an organic morphing of the sound’s plastic and a progressive dilation of temporality. This playing mode evokes the making of ceramics with a potter’s wheel, whose rotation allows an infinite modulation of forms

Inner sight
Inspired by the Dream Machine*, this performance goes with a visual creation that is to be seen the eyes shut. In this device, developed with the light designer Matthieu Ferry, the cellist is surrounded by 4 strobes. These projectors are arranged in a square so that everyone can have at least two sources out of phase in his “field of vision”. As for the Dream Machine, this device leads the audience to close their eyes, and so to colonize, to fertilize their own reveries….

*Designed by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville, (1958) it consists of a rotating cylinder pierced by openings, placed around a source of light; the rotation provokes flashes – the machine is to be observed eyes shut – which generate phosphenes due to the retinal persistence of the luminous pulses.

Live performance, 21’05, at le lieu unique, Nantes, 17/10/2020

Technical aspects :

About the project:• Duration:30/35 minutes; Reverbating acoustic prefered; Audience : 50 people max
An explicite warning concerning photosensitivity hazard must be supplied
We supply:
DMX controller
4 strobes (1500 watt each)
Our needs:
-piano stool or equivalent.
– cables (XLR, extension cord) depending on the room’s size.

Stage plan