Exhibition list:

Concerts (cello solo) : – 01/12/2019, La Gâterie, La Roche sur Yon –10/18/2018 , Musée d’Arts de Nantes – 09/13/20218 , Zorba, Paris 10e – l07/01/2018, Nuit du Van, Nantes – 05/01/2018, festival Les Annulés, Caen – 04/27/2018, Blockhaus DY10, Nantes Full


Stretching, repetition: two modalities of musical time manipulation. It is this perception that Benjamin Jarry questions with the installation/performance OUT OF SIGHT, for cello and stroboscopic devices, developed as a result of a collaboration with the visual artist Carole Douillard (HORS, 2015).


Benjamin Jarry, cellist, composer Benjamin Jarry first established his musical career playing the bass guitar in post-rock bands (Moesgaard, Puanteur Crack) and started learning the cello at 22. He then moved on to study the cello (modern, and then baroque, with Marion Middenway)